domingo, 23 de junio de 2013


Hi everyone,

I've moved to a website, where you can find my works more organized:

You can find information about my last project 
'Voces y silencios. Pamplona, 7 de Julio de 2008' at:

Hope you like it!


He abierto una página web donde las obras están más ordenadas:

Y también podéis encontrar información del último proyecto 
'Voces y silencios. Pamplona, 7 de Julio de 2008' en: 

Espero que os guste!

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Somatic Movement and Costume Research

Project by Sally E. Dean

The aim of this research is to investigate how costume can support kinesthetic awareness in a similar way to touch or imagery, by designing and working with costumes that create specific body-mind experiences.Costumes are created and designed in collaboration with Sandra Arroniz Lacunza and Carolina Rieckhof

domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Costume for 'The Booger Dance' by Adam James

                Project of Adam James

‘Guest Projects’ Gallery, London.
Performance: 07/04/2011. Exhibition: 02-30/04/2011

Costume design: Adam James, Berthe Fortin, Sandra Arroniz Lacunza and Emily Ni Bhroin

Costume Design and making: Sandra Arróniz Lacunza
Performer: Tamina Devar

Costume Design and making: Sandra Arróniz Lacunza
Mask by Adam James
Performer: Marie Brennis
Costume on the left by Berthe Fortin.

'Ectoplasm' by Rotie Productions Research

Rotie Productions Research

London, 2011

Director: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie
Performers: Rachel Birch Lawson
Hollie Miller
Cat Westwood

Costumes for 'Life Support' by Catapulting Cocoon, in collaboration with Carolina Rieckhof

London, February-March 2011

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

'Nagore' Costume for 'Pamplona, 7th July 2008'

London, 9th February 2011
Victoria House Basement.

Performer: Sally E. Dean
Choreographer: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie
Photographer: Luna Perez Visairas

Video: London College of Fashion

viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

'Nagore' Costume for 'Pamplona, 7th July 2008'

Dress rehersal
London, 8th February 2011
Victoria House Basement.

Performer: Sally E. Dean
Choreographer: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie
Photographer: Lucia Cardenas

'Metro' Newspaper Dress for 'Snow White and the Seven Designers' by Russell Penn, in collaboration with Carolina Rieckhof

Garrick Theatre, London.
12-16 October 2010

If you want to read the whole article 

Judith Costume for 'Bluebeard's Castle' by Béla Bartók.

8th of January 2010.

Cochrane Theatre

Performer: Eleanor Forrest

Choreographer: Johan Stjernholm

“Performer in Time and Space” Project
(MA Costume Design for Performance)

This play cover the human fundamental questions and the eternal fight between sexes. The young and naïve Judith, driven by a passionate love, discover Bluebeard’s soul mysteries, represented by the 7 chambers of his castle.
This costume shows her evolve from girl to adult. At the end of the performance and driven by her persistent curiosity, she managed to open the whole rooms. When she discovered all Bluebeard’s secrets, she becomes trapped by her own dress, by herself.

The Horse Costume for 'The Balcony' by Jean Genet.

London, March 2010.

Lime Groove. LCF

Performer: Salsa

Choreographer: Johan Stjernholm

This play takes place in a brothel of Barcelona when a revolution is progressing outside in the city. Genet uses this setting to explore roles of power in society. In the first few scenes patrons assume the roles of a bishop who forgives a penitent, a judge who punishes a thief, and a general who rides his horse.
This costume is created for the horse character. Basing in Foucault theories of ‘Docile Bodies’ and the relationship between sex and power, the main idea is to transform the performer into a sexual object. She becomes almost a sex furniture when fusion with her saddle. The more she becomes passive, the more the General gain power.

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Traje Doble. Diálogo / Double Suit. Dialogue

Bilbao, 2009

Ampliar el Espacio Personal. Corpiño para respirar / Widen the Personal Space. A bodice to breath

Bilbao, 2009
Prueba de vestuario para la acción / Fitting Costume for the Performance

Prolongation Suit / Traje Prolongación

Bilbao, 2007-2008

Maider Araguas Jusué
Lara Ibarguren Miró
Moshen Kiani Motlag Yonegan


Serie Colmena-Ciudad ( Beehive-City)
Bilbao, 2006
50 x 70 cms